About Me

After 25 years in education and pastoral work in South America, I am now engaging with a lifelong love of photography after 15 years experience with digital photography.

MyPicturesRestored was established January 2013  specializing in restoring damaged pictures, whether faded, torn or just plain ‘folorn’.  Hundreds of images have now been revived, (see GALLERY) dating from the second half of the 19th century up to some wedding photos from August 2013.  picture restoration

From tiny Passport photos to 18×12 inch pastel drawings, each and every picture is processed as an individual, ‘bespoke’ – hate that word, but it describes the point! commission and commitment: to produce for you a restored image of your original picture, as you would like it to look.

With the latest technology and software it is now possible  to bring new life to practically any picture, whatever its size and condition, from any age.  We repair and re-create areas of your pictures that have long been lost due to age, wear and tear and any other cause.  Visit Before and After Gallery to get an idea of some of the pictures restored.

All the images on this site have been restored one by one, carefully studying what each image needs and applying our skills to provide you with the closest replica of the original that we can imagine, or the ideal ‘manipulation’ you require (airbrush, erasing unwanted objects or distractions etc.

Get in contact today to find out more or get a free quotation for work you would like done on your pictures. You can ask absolutely ANYTHING, and I will endeavour to fulfil your requests. 100% guarantee, “You no likey, you no pay-ee”

So, have a look round, find your pictures – take mobile pictures in good light if you can and fill in the message about what you would like to do with your pictures.

Looking forward to reviving your memories!

Tony Somervell