Is Your Picture Here?


I’ve put together a somewhat random selection of pictures restored over the last year.  What do you think? Click on the picture to see a full size version.

click here for FULL SIZE image

The earliest is from about 1870, that lacked any clear background, the latest from the 1990s, a classic studio pose.

I find it fascinating to enter into the world of these pictures (over 500 now restored) you have entrusted to me to restore – SO much history, so much FAMILY, so much sentiment!

THANK YOU for allowing me to do this – I hope the restorations bring you much pleasure.

If yours doesn’t figure this time, do reply to the mail you received and I’ll add yours for the next ‘spread’.


Best wishes – here’s to restored memories!



P.S.  IMPORTANT: This collage is not on public view on the website (yet), only to those who have had pictures restored.  If you are not happy for your picture/s to be seen, and used in future publicity on the Internet or in print, please contact me and I will note your preference.

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