Photography A-Z Tips

Ok, we’re going to work through the alphabet A-Z with key tips to improve your photography.  There will normally be a video ‘tutorial’ to explain the concept or some review to help you choose your next camera / lens / software option. 

So far we have:

A – Aperture: ‘the amount of light getting through the lens’ click here to READ MORE and watch an informative video.

B – Background: ‘ALWAYS check the background when you prepare to take a photo!’  click here to READ MORE

C – Composition:  Think about how your subject fills the ‘canvas’ and move off centre for a better effect.  Click here to watch a helpful VIDEO tutorial 

D – Depth of Field (“DOF”): DOF is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably well focussed in an image. Click here to watch a helpful VIDEO tutorial